Stephan Full Over Full Bunk Bed


If traditional bunk beds tend to lend an air of fun to sleeping, then this Stephan full/full bunk bed imparts an amusement park type of air. Like most bunk beds, it comes with built in ladders for easy up-and-down access to the top. What sets this one apart is that the ladders on are on the sides instead of the ends and are curved!

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Although it conveys fun and youthfulness, the top bunk has side rail slats to ensure safety. Adding to the mystique is the dark gunmetal finish.

  • Piece: Bunk Bed
  • Width: 82 in
  • Depth: 60.75 in
  • Height: 65 in
  • Weight: 189.2 lbs
  • SKU: 460078


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